log file with unexpected output on deleted files (bug?)

Jens Helweg helweg at gmx.de
Thu Dec 21 18:21:34 GMT 2006

Hi there, 

I am using rsync to synchronize two folders. I have configured the log-format to my personal needs like this: 
--log-format="%f %t %o %l %P"
I am also using the --delete flag to log deleted files as well. I have upgraded my rsync version to 2.6.9 when I figured out that starting with version 2.6.4 the log format had been enhanced to also include the "del." operation.

I am parsing the log file in a subsequent java program and that is where I ran into a problem: 

In the log file all lines with deleted files do not show the full path to the deleted files but show the path of where I ran the rsync command and the deleted file name. 


Now I delete the file test1 in source_dir and run rsync in the directory "script"
Then I would expect in the log file a line like: 
source_dir/test1 2006/12/21 18:49:58 del. 0 
but I get: 
script/test1 2006/12/21 18:49:58 del. 0 

Is this a bug or am I the bug ? I have checked the manuals and the bugzilla pages as well as the mailing archives but could not find anything. 


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