Copy 100gb+ file over LAN?

Stuart Low stuart at
Mon Dec 18 23:30:31 GMT 2006


> I have a server in which I'm creating an Exchange Information Store
> backup using ntbackup. The .bkf file it creates is 112GB. My goal was
> first to rsync it over to a local linux server, and then rsync just the
> changes over the internet to another linux server. I do this with other
> Exchange .bkf files (in the 4GB to 20GB range) and it seems to work well
> only transferring the changes over the internet.

/me sighs. Exchange is the bane of my existence. :)

> My usual method has been to map the Windows 2003 drive on the local
> linux server and then use rsync. When trying this with this system, the
> transfer speed is super slow from the beginning, at 6 mbit per second on
> a 10/100 mbit network. If I try the copy using smbclient and get, I
> actually get 60 mbit p/sec for the first 30gb, then it seems to slow to
> 6 mbit. A regular cp does basically the same thing as it starts out fast
> and then slows all of a sudden. This obviously will not be very
> practical as on the local copy I usually would copy the entire file each
> night. At that rate it will take days.

How about installing rsync for Windows? I've seen major performance
increases there rather then fighting Windows + SMB comms. As for the
decrease in speed, I dare say this is more of a cosmetic initial speed
while buffers fill. At the point where it needs to forcibly copy-on-
write you'd probably see the decrease. 60mbit -> 6mbit does seem a bit
excessive though. :)


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