rsync /somedir work@backups::somearchive/ gets stuck in huge maildirs, rsync /somedir root@backups:/some/path/ works

Herwig Wittmann hw at
Fri Dec 15 12:02:57 GMT 2006

Hello again,

Herwig Wittmann wrote:
> i hope i'm not reporting something well-known; i tried to
> understand the available bug tracking information. please excuse
> me if my problem report should not meet your standards, but i
> want to direct your attention to the following:

I'm not sure whether it is okay to open this as a bugzilla bug or not,
would that be okay? It seems I can reproduce it with any huge Maildir
directory folder.

>         *******************************************************
>         "chrooted rsync gets stuck in huge maildirs, retval 12"
>         *******************************************************

Kind regards,
Herwig Wittmann

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