2.6.9 , problem with acl patch

snowcrash+rsync schneecrash+rsync at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 18:36:12 GMT 2006

> Sorry I haven't looked into this, but atm I just don't have the time.

thanks for the update.  personally, atm, i'd love to see just HEAD's
mtime (finished?) support rolled into a 'official;' rsync release.

> It also seems like any solution will necessarily drop information.
> osx keeps track of several permissions not present in posix ACLs.

at the very least, if capabilities of an rsync-team's official release
for osx were brought up to parity with the *nix versions, then patches
for apple's capability could be built on top of that -- rather than
overlapping capability/implementation, which iiuc is the current

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