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> This means that the host was not authorized (2.6.6 would have
> an auth error if the authentication had failed).  I'd suggest editing
> your rsyncd.conf file to temporarily remove the hosts allow line and
> other access restrictions.  If that doesn't allow you to connect then
> you are probably editing the wrong config file for the daemon.  If
> does let you in, add back various auth rules to see what stops you
> connecting.
> ..wayne..

Thank you very much. I fixed the problem it must bet he wrong config
file I edited. I deleted the service and installed the service again. I
added the config file to the command line of the service and everything
work fine.

I didn't see any parameter in the service view of Windows so I thought
the default values are in use. But after I installed the service again
still no parameters where visible in the service view of Windows. The
parameters for the service are hidden somewhere.

Again. Thank you very much.


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