Rsync 2.5.7 --delete and --backup behavoir

Grok Mogger linuximp at
Thu Dec 7 23:27:01 GMT 2006

Grok Mogger wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I'm mirroring a lot of directories from one machine to another.  The 
> source machine is running Rsync 2.5.7 and the destination machine (the 
> machine holding the mirror) is running Rsync 2.6.9.
> I'm using the --backup, --backup-dir, and --delete-after options.
> I tested this with two machines running Rsync 2.6.9, and noticed that 
> files deleted in the mirror (because they've been deleted in the source) 
> are backed up to the backup directory I specify.  But when I try with 
> the 2.5.7 machine, I noticed that these files are just deleted; a backup 
> copy does not appear in the backup directory.
> I'm hoping someone could confirm for me that the problem is the older 
> Rsync version.  I was just hoping someone could confirm for me that this 
> is just the way 2.5.7 behaves.
> Please cc me if you reply, I'm not on the list.
> Thanks,
> -GM

Ugh, sorry everyone.  I discovered the issue is only that empty 
folders that get deleted are not backed up; files are backed up 
just fine.

Is there any way to include deleted empty folders in the backup?

- GM

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