Paid Online Surveys Review

Tom Russ tomai1245 at
Wed Aug 30 04:39:15 GMT 2006

Matt McCutchen wrote:
>I'm contacted by a lot of companies that want me to review their products.
>Most of them are decent, but don't live up to the standards of the other
>products on my site. However, after reviewing SirLook, I was very
>impressed with SirLook, because they offer a service that actually matches
>you up with surveys that you qualify for. A lot of survey companies will just
>give you the mass surveys and tell you to go to work, but SirLook will do much
>of the work for you so that you can just spend your time taking surveys and
>making money:

>SirLook Survey Match-Up is a revolutionary system to help you to get paid to
>take online surveys, enter data, participate in online focus groups, receive and
>read emails, drive, eat and shop, try free products, and ... easier and faster.
>SirLook Survey Match-Up automatically matches up your information with the
>survey companies and introduces you to those that you are eligible for. So you
>will not have to sign up for each of them and wait for the result.

I think this email is sent to me wrongly.
That surely depends on the computer and your disk.
My laptop disk has about 2,000,000 files, and it takes longer than 15
minutes to build the list when doing a backup with rsync.  Also I have
to do two rsync runs, as it can run out of memory if I do the whole
tree with one.  (192MB RAM).

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