--fuzzy works with --link-dest?

Robert Siemer Robert.Siemer-rsync at backsla.sh
Sat Aug 26 17:27:18 GMT 2006

> One might want fuzzy matching to visit some --*-dest dirs and not
> others.  It seems that detect-renamed, if enabled, should operate on
> the same subset of the --*-dest dirs as fuzzy matching.  Thus, maybe
> there should really be alternate forms of the --*-dest options
> (--fuzzy-*-dest) that enable both detect-renamed and fuzzy matching
> for that dir.  Thoughts on this?

You mean instead of:

... --link-dest ../stuff_from_yesterday

you write:

... --fuzzy-link-dest ../stuff_from_yesterday

and get the desired behaviour? Sounds good to me.  (-:


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