Passwordless SSH messes with escaped spaces

Wayne Davison wayned at
Fri Aug 25 20:40:21 GMT 2006

On Thu, Aug 24, 2006 at 06:24:58PM +0200, Jannes Faber wrote:
> I found several example scripts, but they all give me the same problem:
> paths with spaces in them get split up into 2 separate source file names
> (spaces are properly escaped of course and things work fine without
> "command=").

Note that the script "rrsync" in the "support" dir is a perl script that
validates a restricted rsync command.  It lets you specify a subdir that
the user's command should not exit (and it also makes a pass through the
command-line arts to reject args that it doesn't like).

Matt's suggestion to switch over to a single-instance daemon is also a
good way to go.


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