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No More Cold Calling! We Get Prospects To Call You!

Don't waste your time manually dialing potential customers. Almost 85% of
your sales calls, or customer retention calls never reach a live person,
and end up in voice mail. Most sales or customers service staff can only
make 50 to 70 sales calls per day. VoiceMail Messenger liberates you from
the repetitive monotony of out-bound cold calling, and reiterating another
message, or sales pitch into a client's voice mail box. Maximize your time
wisely and negotiate in-bound customer calls that our program generates for

Focus on what you do best. Eliminate mundane activities such as:
Dialing phone numbers,
Ringing the phone,
Waiting for an answer,
Negotiating with reception,
Be put on hold,
Wait for the right party to attend the phone, etc
Get thrown into voice mail,
Verbally repeat another message into voice mail

All this costs valuable time, and increases your selling cycle time frame.
Pay your sales staff to negotiate and close the sale of the inbound calls
we generate for you. Spend less time on the arduous outbound calls.
Expedite your outbound campaigns with unprecedented speed. With VoiceMail
Messenger you can reach thousands of new prospects per day.

Call for details
Jesse Levine
CEO/Head Guru
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