files-from and filter from one file?

Jannes Faber j.faber at
Thu Aug 24 16:45:19 GMT 2006


I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but I have tried millions of
combinations of settings.

Is it possible to somehow combine --files-from and --filter into one file,
so that I can use one here-document?

Using the + directive in --filter seems to always give me slightly different

What I do now is without --files-from, but it means the directory tree is
not recreated on the backup server. It just results in /backup/etc
/backup/bin and /backup/sbin, which is not what I need.

  -a -e ssh --compress --numeric-ids --modify-window=1--timeout=600 --fuzzy
  -v --link-dest="/backup/client1/linux/2006-08-24 11.31.40" --filter='. -'

  root at client1:'
  '/backup/client1/linux/2006-08-24 18.29.05' << EOF
. /etc/backup.d/filters/default
. /etc/backup.d/filters/default.linux
- mrtg
- adjtime
- random_seed

What I want is the effect that --files-from gives in that I can simply copy
client1:/ to /backup/ and then only include /etc /usr/local/bin and
/usr/local/sbin. Having to use files-from and filter seperately would force
me to use a temporary file instead of neatly packed into one command line
with a here-document.

Sounds like an easy thing to do with a + filter, but I haven't figured it
out yet.


Jannes Faber
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