Rsync push is slower compared to pull

Wayne Davison wayned at
Wed Aug 23 15:01:14 GMT 2006

On Wed, Aug 23, 2006 at 05:44:03AM -0700, Srinivasa Battula wrote:
> Client command: "c:\Program Files\InMage Systems\FileRep\inmsync.exe"
> --port=874 --block-size=8192 --timeout=2400 -vvv --super -r -z -u -c -l
> --safe-links -A -o -g -D -t -x --stats --progress
> /cygdrive/E/H

I'd suggest trying the run without so many -v options (which are mainly
for debugging) and see if things even out.  The main difference between
push and pull are (1) where rsync has to send the messages, and (2) if
it needs to switch the connection between the generator and the sender
into multiplex mode or not.  In the case of a push, both the receiver
and the generator are sending back their verbose messages over the
connection between the generator and the sender via multiplexed I/O.
When pulling, those messages get output locally, and just the sender's
verbose messages come over the socket from the sender to the receiver,
so the socket between the generator and the sender is not (usually) in
multiplex mode.

If decreasing the -v level still leaves things slower, it would be
interesting to change the definition of need_messages_from_generator to
a 1 in options.c, recompile, and see if that makes a pull as slow as a
push.  That would help to narrow down where the slowness is coming from.


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