Rsync push is slower compared to pull

Srinivasa Battula sbattula at
Wed Aug 23 12:44:03 GMT 2006

Source and Target remain same. The way rsync is being invoked is
different. First time, I have run rsync in pull mode, which means that
rsync daemon runs on source and target (client) pulls it. Second time,
daemon runs on target and client runs on source intern source pushing
the data. Please find the commands below for more clarity:

PULL mode:

Daemon command: "C:\Program Files\InMage Systems\FileRep\inmsync.exe"
--daemon --no-detach "--config=/cygdrive/C/Program Files/InMage
Systems/Application Data/daemon.conf" --port=874 --port=874

Client command: "c:\Program Files\InMage Systems\FileRep\inmsync.exe"
--port=874 --block-size=8192 --timeout=2400 -vvv --super -r -z -u -c -l
--safe-links -A -o -g -D -t -x --stats --progress

PUSH mode:
Daemon command remains same as above. (This time it runs on target)

Client Command: "c:\Program Files\InMage Systems\FileRep\inmsync.exe"
--port=874 --block-size=8192 --timeout=2400 -vvv --super -r -z -u -c -l
--safe-links -A -o -g -D -t -x --stats --progress /cygdrive/H

In push mode, please observe that client command is trying to push data
from H:\ to e:\ drive on
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On Wed, 23 Aug 2006, Srinivasa Battula wrote:

>   It has been observed that rsync push mode is much slower when
> to pull (On Identical scenarios). Building/receiving file list takes
> almost same time. But data transfer is much slower, whose transfer
> ratios are ranging from 1:3 to 1:5. On pull operation data transfer
> speed is consistently around 3.5 MB/Sec and it reached 10 MB/Sec.
> However, on push the maximum it could reach is around 2 MB/Sec and
> around 1MB/Sec. Why is this difference? Please help me on this...

Do these identical scenarios also include changing the sender and
for both push and pull ? That would be required to dismiss the network 
configuration/environment as the possible cause.

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