rsync freezes when copying several million files

initiators at initiators at
Tue Aug 22 12:21:48 GMT 2006

Paul Slootman wrote:
>> How could I get these files rsynced ?
> The way I do that is to rsync separate logical directories.
> E.g. I know that I don't have any files that are hardlinked between /usr
> and /var, so it's no problem to rsync those separately from each other,
> etc.

The great majority of my files are in /srv/samba. I'll try one sync for
"normal" files, and then one (or as many as needed) per Samba share.
Hardlinks are between the different days of the disk backup, so
shouldn't be a problem to split the rsync.

>> My servers are running Debian Sarge i.e. rsync 2.6.4
> Upgrading rsync is highly recommended...
> Paul Slootman

I'll start by upgrading rsync to the 2.6.8 from backports.


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