RSYNC protocol

Karlan Mitchell karlanmitchell at
Thu Aug 17 21:02:40 GMT 2006

I am currently writing a BSD licensed version of the RSYNC client/daemon.
However because the protocol documentation is scattered, I would be willing
to write/host a document on the byte specifics RSYNC protocol.  If
someone could
help me understand the file transfer [& list] byte specifics....
Because try to guess
what values are what in ethereal becomes a quick headache.  (NOTE: I
understand everything
except for when it gets to the filelisting, where the rsync daemon sends
time(NULL) 32 bit value).

I am implementing some features which I could relicense to GPL for the
original rsync project.  The point of my project is give the NetBSD project
a BSD licensed rsync suite, better rsync FAT support through
permissions/date file,
and a STARTTLS method for systems without ssh.

ps. Where is the best place for my rsync daemon to advertise STARTTLS
      "MOTD: STARTTLS"???.....

Any help would be great, Thanks!

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