unexpected tag 3

Grignon Mickaël mgrignon at assonance.fr
Wed Aug 16 07:55:59 GMT 2006

Hi guys,

I need to update my rsync-2.6.8 to avoid that error.
I found the patch that Wayne creates in the archives of the mailing list but I don't know how to apply it.

Can someone help me ? I tried to download the 2.6.8-4 rpm version of rsync but it seems the rpm doesn't work on my SUSE 10.0. When I do my rpm -iv ... it only writes a line with "rsync-2.6.8-4" ... useless.

It was on this site :


Unfortunately, the rsync version provided with SUSE 10.0 is 2.6.6. I need post-xfer exec and pre-xfer exec modules options so I need the 2.6.8 but not bugged with that unexpected tag 3 error that stop the transfer.

So can I insert the patch in the source, recompile it and make again ?

Hoping I haven't mistaken an important fact.

Mickaël Grignon.
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