File fragmentation

Rob Bosch robbosch at
Sun Aug 13 18:32:16 GMT 2006

Is this something that should be implemented at the rsync level or cygwin
level?  It would seem that is the opportunity to "pre-allocate" is available
it would be useful to make sure space is available for the new file.  

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On 8/6/06, Rob Bosch <robbosch at> wrote:
> I was wondering why rsync doesn't preallocate the space like copy
> or other utilites do under Windows. This would insure you have the space
> create the new file plus it would reduce fragmentation since rsync would
> writing to a pre-allocated file space.

I don't think there's a reason that rsync shouldn't preallocate the
space.  Since there is no way to preallocate in POSIX, I guess no one
thought about preallocating in Windows.  However, if there is a system
call available through Cygwin, it would be easy to make rsync check
for the call at configure time and use it if it is present.


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