Can you explain me this behaviour please?

Klaus Löfflad klaus at
Sat Aug 12 19:55:19 GMT 2006


thanks for your reply.

> have just checked-in a fix for this.  I'd like to see your exclude
> and include rules so that I could check to see if there are any
This is the rsync call:

rsync -vaS --delete-after --include-from=$INCLUDE_FILE 
--exclude-from=$EXCLUDE_FILE / $SERVER:/

This is my exclude file (sorted for this mail):

My include file is empty.

> other problems.  I'd also need to know the name of a file that got
> unexpectedly excluded.
Unfortunately I dont remember the exact filename of one of these files, 
because after I removed the --relative option the files u requested me to 
name were deleted due to --delete-after. IIRC it was something like
/etc/init.d/._cfg0000_bootmisc (maybe something else instead of 'bootmisc' 
or located directly in /etc/).

Thanks a lot for your interest.

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        Kapitän Klaus

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