Rsync --link-dest over ssh not working

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at
Thu Aug 10 22:14:10 GMT 2006

On 8/1/06, Nathan <frizop at> wrote:
> sudo rsync --dry-run -e 'ssh -l root' --delete -auE \
> --link-dest=../backup.0 \
> /Users/frizop/ \
> What happens is rather then check backup.0, it picks up /root (on the remote side) as the dest and wants to wipe out everything in there.

Your command looks correct.  Rsync would try to wipe out /root if the
destination filesystem path (following 127:) got cut off, but I don't
see how this would happen.  What version of rsync are you using on
each side?  You mention -E: is Mac OS X involved?

I recommend that you pass -vvv for triple verbosity and send the
output to a file.  If you don't see what's wrong, I would be happy to
take a look at the output.


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