Backup Exchange mailboxes using rsync

Craig Hammond Craig at
Wed Aug 9 06:30:29 GMT 2006

I do an offline copy of the exchange database, but (as you indicated) as
it can be tricky to use on another server, as seconday backup I use
EXMERGE to extract everyones mailbox to a PST file. I then rsync the PST

It has some limitations, but it works ok as a secondary backup.

I've used EXMERGE on Exchange 2000 & 2003. Not sure if it works with
5.5, but it might.


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Hi all,

Has anyone got any advice on the best way to backup Exchange mailboxes
(Exchange 5.5) running on a Windows 2000 server? We already use rsync on
a number of other Windows boxes for general file backup.

I've read that even if you get backups of the Exchange mailbox files,
then it's really tricky to get the mailboxes back into Exchange if the
server dies. Anyone got any tips on this?

Thanks in advance

reuben at

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