Newbie: What does -e do?

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Sat Aug 5 23:51:57 GMT 2006

On Sat, 2006-08-05 15:36:57 -0700, Jeffrey Ellis <jellis at> wrote:
> The first I see pretty often is ­e. Can someone explain what this does?

rsync can be used in conjunction with several transport protocols. In
one incarnation, you can tell rsync about a command (supplied with the
-e command line option) that'll execute a given command (that'll be
supplied on the command line) on a remote host.

The usual usage is to tell rsync to use ssh so shift all the data over
the internet. That way, you can strongly authenticate the remote host
(so that simple IP spoofing won't give an attacker all of your backup)
as well as encrypt all the traffic.


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