Can you explain me this behaviour please?

Klaus Löfflad klaus at
Fri Aug 4 10:03:25 GMT 2006


I found a behaviour of rsync I cannot explain.

1) rsync -vaS            --delete-after --include-from=/etc/  
--exclude-from=/etc/rsync.ex / server:/
2) rsync -vaS --relative --delete-after --include-from=/etc/  
--exclude-from=/etc/rsync.ex / server:/

I sync most of one server to another as a fallback server. I had the  
relative option first (dont know anymore why), then switched to the one  
without it recently. I found out that before were some dirs not synced  
correctly, especially some files and dirs not on the sending server were  
not deleted. The two lines above should do the same as I understand it  
because I sync from server1:/ to server2:/, so it may be the same if I use  
--relative or not.

Can someone explain this behaviour? That were really kind.

Klaus Löfflad

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