Patch to handle ACL differences

Wayne Davison wayned at
Fri Aug 4 01:18:11 GMT 2006

On Thu, Aug 03, 2006 at 02:17:33PM -0400, Andrew Gideon wrote:
> A while ago (2.6.2), I built and posted a patch which caused rsync to "do
> the right thing" where --link-dest was being used and where files had been
> changed only in their ACLs.  I've recreated this for 2.6.8 (there were
> some small differences).

Did you check the ACL patch in CVS?  (Also available via the "nightly"
tar files.)  I think it already has this fixed (I know that
unchanged_attrs() was extended to check for ACL changes when preserving

> What else - besides --link-dest use - should I do to test this patch
> before I post it?

That's the main user of unchanged_attrs(), so if it works well with
that, you've probably got a good patch.


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