code 12 error when specifying files

Erik Jacobs erik.jacobs at
Thu Aug 3 14:34:17 GMT 2006


I think the question is why he doesn't get a directory list for

rsync remote::users/grp012/12/nhruby/public_html/

The CORE question really is:

How do you make rsync transfer the contents of a single directory without
recursing and without using wildcards in the SRC expression (with or without
using --include and --exclude options)

Do you need to create a module that exists above the folder you really want
and then simply transfer the whole folder?

Unfortunately, even this doesn't work, as you need to specify a wildcard or
recursion in order to move the folder or its contents.

I am beginning to think that I will have to rsync the whole tree and then
locally remove all of the files and folders that I don't want...


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On Thu 03 Aug 2006, nathan r. hruby wrote:
> >
> >It's not what I'm seeing:
> >
> Hurm.  What OS are you running this on?

Hint: check my email address :-)

> After upgrading my local/receiver rsync to 2.6.8 I get this:
> local# rsync remote::users/grp012/12/nhruby/public_html/
> drwxr-xr-x         416 2005/11/12 11:57:37 public_html
> local# rsync remote::users/grp012/12/nhruby/public_html/ www
> skipping directory grp012/12/nhruby/public_html

Don't you want at least an -r option?  The "skipping" can be found in
the manpage.

Paul Slootman
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