code 12 error when specifying files

Erik Jacobs erik.jacobs at
Thu Aug 3 14:22:57 GMT 2006

With 2.5.5 on QNX I get the folder contents list when I do:

rsync user at node::module


rsync user at node::module/

if I do

rsync -v user at node::module poo (or module/ poo) i get "nothing to do"

Adding a (-av) causes it to pull in all the files and the subdirs
(recursive), which I do *NOT* want to do.

Rsync 2.5.5 does not have the -d flag, but to me it looks like -d will
create directory names but not populate them, which also is not something I
want to do.

is there any reason why telling rsync what files you want it to INCLUDE
doesn't seem to tell it what files to include?


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On Thu, 3 Aug 2006, Paul Slootman wrote:

> On Thu 03 Aug 2006, nathan r. hruby wrote:
>>>> From the manpage:
>>>   Note also that host and module references don't require a trailing
>>>   slash to copy the  contents  of  the  default directory.
>>> So in this case the trailing slash wouldn't make a difference.
>> In my case I'm not grabbing the default directory of a module, but a
>> subdirectory of it.
> Then it should make a difference.
>> For example, for module x with path set to /home, tying to sync the
>> contents of "server::x/user1/public_html/" yields me the directory
>> public_html, the the files within it.
>> Is that the correct behavior?
> It's not what I'm seeing:

Hurm.  What OS are you running this on?

After upgrading my local/receiver rsync to 2.6.8 I get this:

local# rsync remote::users/grp012/12/nhruby/public_html/
drwxr-xr-x         416 2005/11/12 11:57:37 public_html

local# rsync remote::users/grp012/12/nhruby/public_html/ www
skipping directory grp012/12/nhruby/public_html

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