Rsync --link-dest over ssh not working

Nathan frizop at
Tue Aug 1 16:42:00 GMT 2006

                     Alright guys, you're my last hope.

Currently I am trying to create a rotating backup system. I have a remote server which I've patched to work with the -E option. Anyhow, the remote server has the backup and I'm trying to use --link-dest against it. Here is the command I'm running.

sudo rsync --dry-run -e 'ssh -l root' --delete -auE \
--link-dest=../backup.0 \
/Users/frizop/ \

What happens is rather then check backup.0, it picks up /root (on the remote side) as the dest and wants to wipe out everything in there.

I've also tried 

sudo rsync --dry-run -e ssh --delete -auE \
 --link-dest=../backup.0 \
 /Users/frizop/ \
 root at


and about 100 diffrent attempts. The closest I can come to getting it right is doing root at but then it fails with all sorts of permission errors. 

If I remove --link-dest it will properly preform a full backup, and if I replace backup.1 with the previous directory backup.0/ it updates it just like normal.

Also, if I replace SRC and DEST with local filesystem paths, it works fine there too.

Thanks in Advance guys.


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