Permissions causing full backups?

Matt McCutchen hashproduct at
Fri Apr 28 02:43:08 GMT 2006

On Thu, 2006-04-27 at 17:50 -0400, Link McGinnis wrote:
> > A better solution would be to have the Windows machine push the files to
> > an rsync daemon running on the Linux server.  
> Am I still using cygwin for this or how do I "push"?  I should mention that
> I hope to backup several PC's to their users' area of the samba machine.
> Will this solution allow for that?

Yes, you'd use rsync and cygwin on your Windows machine.  Having rsync
on the Windows machine push to an rsync daemon is the conceptual
equivalent of having a user drag-and-drop her folder into the Samba
share, except that rsync is faster and more flexible.  You can set up an
rsync daemon with a module (share) per user or with a single module
under which each user has a subdirectory.

> > However, rsnapshot only
> > supports local snapshot roots, so you would have write your own script
> > to invoke rsync.  This isn't so bad.  
> Easy for you to say...

:).  You could do something like this if a host called backupserver has
a module for your backups called backups-link:



if [ $bnum == 1 ]; then
	linkdestoption="--link-dest=/backup-$(($bnum - 1))"

rsync <other-options> $source $dest $linkdestoption

Note that the script tells rsync to hard link unchanged files from the
previous backup ( backup-$(($bnum - 1)) ) to the current backup
( backup-$bnum ), except on the first backup.  I followed Wayne's advice
in the message linked below and used a module-absolute path for

I wrote a script that sets up a simple unprivileged
one-module daemon with authentication for you in a matter of seconds.
It is attached.  Invoke it like this:

$ path/to/ module 3141 user

That 3141 is the port; it's over 1024 so that a non-root daemon can
listen on it.  Enjoy.

> BTW1, I have to say that I've read a lot of "expert" replies on forums and
> I've never seen anyone who has carefully read the question and replied with
> so much detail and precision as you.  Thank you!

That is high praise!  You're welcome.

> BTW2, I'm not sure that I've replied correctly to this list.  Let me know if
> I should be using another method.

In my opinion, To to a person and Cc to the list is exactly right.

Matt McCutchen
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