DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3718] RSync should verify permission/time before commiting a change

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Mon Apr 24 20:22:12 GMT 2006

------- Comment #2 from yair.lenga at  2006-04-24 15:22 MST -------
(In reply to comment #1)

> I think it is better to keep the file and let a future rsync run try to fix any
> failed ownership problems.

Waine - I hope that you will reconsider. See examples below.

I would vote to have correct files in the repository, instead of leaving
incorrect data that may (or may not) be fixed in future runs. Having incorrect
data (even  for few hours) can have "chain" effect, when data can not be easily

I agree that the initial permissions will not create security problem. However,
incorrect permissions may easily break existing processes that expect
read-access to the files in the user directory, or when files are shared
between accounts: binaries will not be executable, etc.

The timestamp is more serious issue - by default, the time stamp is very new,
which will make it very hard to find the most updated version of several
repositories. In particular, it will prevent future 'rsync --update' from

The last serious issue is the ownership. I'm using rsync in server mode (root)
to sync repository with multiple users. Leaving "root/other 0700" files in the
directory, prevented the users from updating his own files (which took us a lot
of time to debug).

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