DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3693] rsync -H should break outdated hard-links to identical files

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Sat Apr 22 16:56:14 GMT 2006

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            Summary|rsync can use same --link-  |rsync -H should break
                   |dest file several times,    |outdated hard-links to
                   |leading to incorrect hard   |identical files
                   |links                       |

------- Comment #4 from wayned at  2006-04-22 11:56 MST -------
Rsync has other problems with outdated hard-links not being broken.  For

echo data >foo
ln foo bar
rsync -aH foo bar dest/
rm bar
cp -p foo bar
rsync -aH foo bar dest/

That sequence will not break the hard-link that exists in the destination
files.  However, if either of the iles had been touched, the second rsync would
have broken the link when updating the file (assuming that --inplace wasn't

The bug you cited with --link-dest springs from the same roots as this.  It
would require the in-memory hashing of the inode of every hard-linked file on
the recieving side for rsync to be able to break links that were no longer
present, and that would be quite a lot of extra memory when using --link-dest
to a large hierarchy of mostly unchanged files.

I don't see this being fixed soon, but I should take a look at it after I work
on reducing rsync's memory requirements.

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