Julian Pace Ross julian.paceross at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 17:44:04 GMT 2006

Hi all,

I recently came across a possible requirement of backing up certain files on
a remote server ... in an encrypted format.
This got me seriously thinking about the possibility of doing such a thing
with rsync.
I am not too knowledgable about encryption and the mechanisms of the rsync
algorithm (at least as yet :), but I would like to know whether this is
attainable or 'far fetched' so to speak.
In other words, the requirement would be that rsync encrypts the data in
transmission (like is done with ssh), but the data is stored on the receiver
still encrypted.
The reverse (i.e. decryption with private key) would be done only when the
client is retreiving the data from the server.
The idea is that data stored on the remote server would be unreadable to the
people on that side, but can be decrypted when rsyncing back to the local
server in case of data loss.
I have a medium to good knowledge of C, but before delving into
understanding the rsync source, I wanted to hear any opinions on how
possible, if at all, this is...

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