how safe is it to rsync databases?

Julian Pace Ross julian.paceross at
Fri Apr 14 14:34:46 GMT 2006

I'm interested to hear feedback on this, since I was intending to backup a
mySQL database 'on the fly' daily...

On 09/04/06, Veronica Hill <veronica.hill at> wrote:
> Hi people!
>        I've been hunting around the web for an answer to this question for
> a
> couple of days now.  I run the IT for a small company and i don't have
> a lot of experience with the type of C-ISAM database application that
> is used by my company, I deal with the general IT issues and call in
> specialists when required.  But I need to backup this 10GB database to
> a disaster recovery server on the other side of the continent.  So my
> first reaction was that if the database was shutdown then rsync would
> be a great solution!  But some opinions on the net muddy the issue.
> Tridge's PHD thesis mentions that people use rsync for replicating
> their databases to backup servers.  i would have thought that that was
> OK if the DBM was shutdown during the backup......
> But some people on the net like this:
> Say:
> Why/When wouldn't you want to use rsync for backups?
> Databases: Rsync is a file level backup so it is not suitable for
> databases. If your primary data is databases then you should look
> somewhere else. If you have databases but they are not your primary
> data then there is a procedure below to integrate a database backup
> into the rsync backups.
> What pointers can people give me?
> Thanks, Bye, Rony.
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