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It's the first time I post some thing in this forum. I am using rsync

Netware 6.5 to syncing 20 Novell servers. My wan conection is 2 Mb and I

run rsync at night when traffic is very low. I use the following





sys:rsync/rsyncdn Rsync172.17.X.Y:873






sys:rsync/rsync    --progress --address=172.17.X.Y --port=873   --daemon






uid = nobody 

gid = nobody 

max connections = 0 

syslog facility = local5 


# Change the pid file, log file, and motd as needed

pid file = SYS:/rsync/ 

log file = SYS:/rsync/rsyncd.log

motd file = SYS:/rsync/rsyncd.motd


# Set the timeout value to 1 hour (60 seconds * 60 minutes) for now

# this will affect all modules, or you can put it under each module

timeout = 3600



        path = BACKUP:/rsync/BOMA

        comment = BOMA backup area

        read only = no

            use chroot = no 

            timeout = 3600

            transfer logging = yes


It runs fine till the half of the operation, then hangs up with the

following errors.



rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at io.c(1941)


rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at io.c(1898)



Any ideas on what may be causing this or how I can avoid this


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