Backup Windows to Linux with ACL

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Fri Apr 7 09:28:44 GMT 2006


My apologies for not to include the man page in the zip file. I will fix it
very soon. In the meantime:

------ From updated rsync man page -----

-A, --acls
This option causes rsync to update the destination ACLs to be the same as
the source ACLs. This nonstandard option only works if the remote rsync also
supports it. --acls implies --perms. Note also that an optimization of the
ACL-sending protocol used by this version makes it incompatible with sending
files to an older ACL-enabled rsync unless you double the --acls option
(e.g. -AA). This doubling is not needed when pulling files from an older


Two conditions must be met to see the results:

1. You should have an acl-patch enabled rsync at linux side.
2. Doubled -A is required if your acl-enabled linux rsync has an older



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> Subject: Backup Windows to Linux with ACL
> Hello,
> I am trying to Backup a Windows Machine to a Linux Server - 
> and I want to preserve the ACLs.
> I installed the cwRsync server on the Windowsside (with the 
> rsync-acl.exe)
> and I am trying to backup this machine from the linux-side 
> usind rsnapshot.
> But the files lose the acls and get user:400 and group:401!
> Did anybody manage this task?
> If yes - how???????
> Thanks in advance
> Fink Oliver
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