rsync, ssh and DSA key

Shachar Shemesh rsync at
Thu Apr 6 11:51:42 GMT 2006

khabot wrote:

>Thanks for your response
>I have done this, but I execute
>>>rsync -avz -e ssh root at /var/mail
>It still askin me for the root password in and for the
>passphrase i,
>thank you to help
Your problem probably has something to do with the way you ssh is set up.

First of all, do "ssh root at". If that asks for a password,
it's not an rsync problem. Make sure that the permissions on your
/root/.ssh directory and /root/.ssh/authorized_keys file are correct
(RTFM ssh to find out what they should be). Make sure your sshd config
file allows root to log in.

If all the above doesn't help, try asking for help on the ssh mailing lists.


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