Rsync decides to copy all old files to WinXP based server

Alex Janssen alex at
Tue Apr 4 04:12:32 GMT 2006

I've been using rsync to create backup copies of all my data files on my 
Linux laptop to my Windows XP Home based desktop for about 6 months 
now.  Been working as it should, copying only files that changed since 
the last backup.  The first backup I ran after the time change to 
Daylight Saving Time it wanted to copy all of the files regardless of 
the timestamp.  It copied old files that had not changed as well as the 
files that had changed.  All of the timestamps on the destination ended 
up correctly set after the copy occurred but the appeared to be the same 
before the copy began as well.  I am stumped.

I don't know what the system time has to do with it seeing as it is 
comparing file timestamps.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Charlottesville, Virginia

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