strange behavior after moving target directory

John Joseph Bachir johnjosephbachir at
Sun Apr 2 22:53:56 GMT 2006

On 4/2/06, Matt McCutchen <hashproduct at> wrote:
> How exactly did you "move" the backup tree from A to B?  Did the move
> operation preserve all the attributes that your backup operation
> normally preserves?  If not, the first backup would have fixed all the
> attributes and, if mtimes were not preserved, retransferred the files.
> If your computer was always on and your external drive A was always
> mounted, there's another possible explanation.  The inodes and
> directories on drive A were probably cached in RAM, allowing the backup
> script to conclude very quickly that no files needed to be transferred.
> However, the first time you backed up to drive B, inodes and directories
> had to be read from the drive, and from then on they were in cache.  The
> trouble with this explanation is that one would think drive B's inodes
> and directories would be cached as the backup tree was moved to drive B.

your second proposed solution is the one i was looking for, but i think the
first one is the correct one. DUH, doing a cp -r changed a bunch of (all?)

thanks :)

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