Running 'rsync' as root misses files

Madison Kelly linux at
Tue Sep 27 20:30:57 GMT 2005

*Hangs head in shame*

Back in an earlier version of the program I used to call things needing 
root priviledges via 'sudo'. I recently changed this and I *thought* I 
had switched the call over to the new method I use. I even wrote the 
code for the new method of calling apps as root but I missed changing 
over the actual call itself.

My butt needs a kick for a flagrant display of stupidity. :P



Tony at wrote:
> Sounds like rsync is being run, not as root, but as the same user
> as that of the program it is called from.
> It might be useful to know what you are doing that you think
> is running rsync as root.
> (In general, having one program with the ability to run a different
> program as root is maybe not such a good idea. Unlimited damage.)
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> Subject: Running 'rsync' as root misses files
> Hi all,
>    I was wondering, I run (inside another program) 'rsync' as 'root'
> using '--files-from'. It seems to error though on files with permissions
> where 'everyone' does not have read permissions (ie: permissions of
> '0640').
>    Is this the normal behaviour for 'rsync' could I be missing something?
> Thanks!
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