more problems reading the log...

Mario Tambos mtambos at
Mon Sep 26 20:27:16 GMT 2005

 i'd found something weird. this two lines are from a windows implementation
of rsync:
 2005/09/22 20:05:33 [520] recv [] NMSCORE ()
BACKUP/IDS_HeartlandBank_db_200509220206.BAK 4449207808
2005/09/22 20:17:40 [520] rsync: write failed on
"/BACKUP/IDS_HeartlandBank_db_200509220831.BAK" (in NMSCORE): No space left
on device (28)
 as you can see, the error below doesn't match the file name of the previous
 i've read some logs from a novell implementation of rsync and it seems to
never happen that way. each error seems to point to the last file rsync
tried to send.
 is that the way it works? that is a difference between the two
implementations of rsync?
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