Noob help with backup command syntax

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Fri Sep 23 13:18:53 GMT 2005


Thanks very much for the time to help:

> The first two could be combined as the destination dir is the same;
> to combine the rest you have to do things with --relative, which
> might make things more confusing if you're not familiar with rsync:
> rsync -aH --relative /etc/named /etc/some.conf /home/bill
/home/james/somedocument remoteserver:/home/testuser/backup/

Well, I just gave some sample files for my question that would cover
the cases expect to encounter.  I actually have a much longer list of
them.  I'll be doing this just periodically, not automatically and I'd
prefer to not set it up with auto-login keys.  So doing them one at a
time would not be my preference if I can work around it.

> > Ideally, a file where I could place a list of what I wanted to
> > would be nice.
> For that, there's the --files-from option, the list could be
> with e.g. find.

This is what I'm after.  Can you show me an example?  I know how to
use basic find commands, but if I get a list of the files and
directories in a file can I feed that list to rsync?

For example if my file list was in


with the file contents of:

assuming that will work, can you show me the command syntax for using
files-from?  With me on the source server sending files to the remote
server at /home/testuser/backup/ ?  And ideally on the remote server,
have the directory structure duplicated, i.e. in this example the
remote will have:



Thanks again!

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