Unexplained error

David Schulz david at tca-cable-connector.com
Fri Sep 23 09:26:41 GMT 2005


I like to use rsync to transfer over mine and other peoples ever changing
mail folder onto a remote server.

My Server (FreeBSD 5.4) RSYNC Version is: 2.6.6 Protocol Version 29
My Client (OSX 10.4.2) RSYNC Version is: 2.6.3 Protocol Version 28

I use this command
rsync -vvv --progress --stats --recursive --times \
--perms --links \
--delete /test/my?email?folder/* user at

The remote server at is running rsync --daemon. Everything seems
to work fine, but every once in a while, only when I added or removed a file
of course, I get the following error on my servers rsyncd.log file upon
running the above rsync command on the client:

rsync error: unexplained error (code -4169475) at main.c(692)

This seems to happen random, not necessarily every time there is a new file.
Sometimes it all works without this error, sometimes it works, but has the
error. I read the archives, and found others had similar error messages, but
not the same as mine.

My Question is: Can I fix this somehow, and if not, can I safely disregard
the error? I check all the files with md5, and the checksum is correct, but
I don't want to jeopardize mine or other colleagues e-mail.

Thanks for any advise,

David Schulz

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