mtime of target directory

Hauke Laging accounts at
Fri Sep 23 01:24:28 GMT 2005


I just observed something strange:

rsync -av --exclude /USER/NoBackup --exclude '*.NTX' 
--compare-dest=/backup/novell/vollbackup /mnt/novellserver/SYS/ /backup/novell/ziel

rsync -av --exclude /USER/NoBackup --exclude '*.NTX' 
--compare-dest=/backup/novell/vollbackup/PUBLIC /mnt/novellserver/SYS/PUBLIC/ /backup/novell/ziel

For debugging purposes (saving time) I used rsync for one directory within 
the usual tree only (the second case). The target directory is a symlink.

Only in the second case the mtime of the target directory is set to the one 
of /mnt/novellserver/SYS/PUBLIC/, the parent directory of the data to be 
handled. This happens with rsync version 2.6.3.

Best regards


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