CYGWIN: file transfer beyond EOF

Michael Pellegrino mpellegrino at
Mon Sep 19 13:33:07 GMT 2005

I have an issue with 2.6.2 of rsync under Cygwin.  It has happened on 
both a Win2k host and now on a WinXP Pro host.

In this particular case, it is transferring a 688MB outlook.pst file. 
It will continue transferring data well beyond 688MB.  Usually, it will 
continue until the destination volume runs out of disk space.

I have had the same issue on another host transferring a 550MB file.  In 
this case, the user of the host machine performed some maintenance and 
made the file slightly smaller.  Since that time, however, the file has 
grown well beyond 550MB and sill works fine.

Any thoughts?  Any more information I can provide?



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