probbable generator hang bug in rsync

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Fri Sep 16 18:14:27 GMT 2005


(Sorry for starting a new thread, i found it on web archives, and i don't have the list history because i've just subscribed).

I just wanted to say i'm having exactly the same problem, through openVPN, when the rsync client is stopped with SIGINT (and possibly by other means such as network outage?).
The rsync daemon process endlessly loops on select() timeouts but never exits (timeout is set to 300 seconds - 5 minutes).
Since the rsync client is launched frequently from cron (files change frequently and i need recent backups), i've configured max connections on the daemon to 1 in order to avoid overlapped rsync's, but the timeout problems breaks this.
Moreover, i couldn't find an easy way to detect & terminate (sigkill doesn't stop it) the faulty daemon process, i'm stuck :(

Is there a way to resolve this in rsync, although this doesn't seem to be rsync related problem?

-- vv
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