rsync file corruption

Andy Wong andy.wong at
Thu Sep 15 20:56:27 GMT 2005


I encountered a weird file corruption problem with rsync.
I have a perl script that generates and writes a data file to disk, then 
rsyncs the file to a remote machine. A perl script running on the remote 
machine periodically reads in the data file.

However, occasionally the remote script will barf while processing the 
data file, and I tracked down the problem to file corruption.

I suspected rsync was the problem, so I changed the generation script to 
rsync to a different file name, then remotely rename/ overwrite the file 
with the new data file (using mv over ssh). And the file corruption 
problem is gone.

Now from what I understand, rsync supposedly do the same thing: rsyncs 
to a temporary file, then renames it. So what went wrong?


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