File Corruption

Linus Hicks lihicks at
Mon Sep 12 17:15:41 GMT 2005

Stefan Nehlsen wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 12, 2005 at 09:36:27AM -0600, Kevin Stussman wrote: 
> rsync will have a second try if this happens and I think it will warn.

This seems like a waste of resources to me. Why not query V$ARCHIVE_LOG?

 From the manual:

This view displays archived log information from the control file, including 
archive log names. An archive log record is inserted after the online redo log 
is successfully archived or cleared (name column is NULL if the log was 
cleared). If the log is archived twice, there will be two archived log records 
with the same THREAD#, SEQUENCE#, and FIRST_CHANGE#, but with a different name. 
An archive log record is also inserted when an archive log is restored from a 
backup set or a copy and whenever a copy of a log is made with the RMAN COPY 

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