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MessageMuch smaller and MySQL rather than Oracle. Essentially without a
"window", but done when things are supposedly relatively quiet.
Two rsync's back to back. The first one takes most all of the time.
The second one is fast enough that I don't bother to rebuild indexes if I
pull a copy during heavy use.

Guessing from limited knowledge and some experience.
Large files with some new stuff at the end can take a while to find the
right places to add stuff.
Start the initial rsync early, very early.
Expect surprises in how slow the first rsync is and how fast the second
rsync is.

Assuming that Oracle is any good at recovering from power failures,
odds are that most everything that matters IS on disk, at least the bulk of
(That's a guess from someone who does NOT know what he's talking about)

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We have nearly 200 GB of data in a production Oracle database broken up into
about 100 files of 2 GB.  The database incurrs a 5% change per week in the
form of new data, no modification nor deletions.  I need to copy this data
from one mount point to another then bring up the new database on the new
mount point in place of the original.  The high availability and production
nature of this system means that my maintenance windows are few and far
between.  To minimize my use of the maint window, I would like to pre-copy
as much data as I can with RSYNC before the window, then do a final sync of
the data during the window with the database down.  My question is, will
RSYNC be a good option given that the Oracle database is up and running for
the initial sync?  I'm hoping that RSYNC will be an option for us, as other
mirroring strategies I have seen rely upon same size disk
devices/partitions, which we do not want because the goal is to put up a
single device larger area to keep this data.  Please ignore the gaping holes
for ideas such as just having Oracle use another mount point in addition to
the one it is already using or online VG expansions.

David Poe
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