backing up Linux Caldera

Yo yo at
Wed Sep 7 05:19:03 GMT 2005

I work at a school that has a linux server and windows workstations. The linux server 
is managed remotely by someone else. Up until now we have backed up to a tape 
drive on the linux using Bru. This was becoming more and more unreliable so I 
changed tack and  I have been backing up Shares on the server through Windows 
XP using an MS-Dos batch file -using xcopy, copying to a removable drive attached 
to the Windows machine.
It has been working OK as far as I can see, i.e  the files are copied to the removable 
drive. I have been doing this daily for about 2 weeks. However today the server  
crashed apparently because of 'kernel panic'. The remote tech suggested this may 
because xcopy leaves the files open on the linux. Could this be true? If it is can you 
suggest an easy way to achieve backups through the Windows interface?

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