rsync and o_direct

Simon Hargrave simon at
Thu Oct 27 09:33:58 GMT 2005

Just in case anyone is interested, I've just got confirmation from Oracle
that it is valid to use OCFS without O_DIRECT for reads, it's only writes
that are an issue.

So it is perfectly valid to use rsync to clone an OCFS Oracle archive log
area to another server on standard filesystem.


> On Wed, Oct 19, 2005 at 11:59:57AM +0100, Simon Hargrave wrote:
>> My question is, is there a facility to ensure rsync reads files in
O_DIRECT mode so that we can use it for this purpose?
> You'd need to modify the code yourself to add O_DIRECT to the various
system calls.  I haven't heard about this being done before.
> ..wayne..

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