"intelligent" rsync scripts?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Wed Oct 26 13:28:59 GMT 2005

Eberhard Moenkeberg schrieb:


>> Basically, this is how rsync works, but in the end, we transfer 1 GB 
>> of files over WAN that we already have locally - the only thing that 
>> changed was the folder where that data is.
>> Is there some workaround for this (some intelligent script etc.)?
> I guess it needs some intelligent users.
> If you can teach your clients to process their moves in three steps:
>   1. hard link the old file to the new location
>   2. wait until the next rsync has run
>   3. delete the file at the old location
> then rsync with -H will detect the hard link and not fetch the file over 
> the net.

No way to do it.
They are Windows users using a Samba servers (from which rsync fetches 
the files), so no hard links for them.
Besides, even if hardlinks were possible, they couldn't do it anyway, as 
it would involve too much work/too complicated etc.

Any other ideas?

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