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Matt McCutchen hashproduct at
Mon Oct 24 21:55:12 GMT 2005

On Mon, 2005-10-24 at 07:58 +0800, Adrian Mak wrote:
> I'm new on rsync, and I have some question regarding file synchronization
> [...]
> [test]
> path = /home/test
> auth users = test
> on another linux, I executed
> rsync --verbose --progress --recursive --delete
> test at 123.123.123::test/ /home/test2
> with no problem on file synchronization
> but it seems that rsync sending plain password for the user test and
> the contents too. Then I digged the documenation and  for more secure,
> ssh is the choice. right ?!

I'm not familiar with the security of rsync daemons, but I do trust that
of ssh.  I much prefer ssh because it is flexible and works together so
nicely with Linux accounts and file permissions, while the rsync daemon
system tries to reinvent the wheel in these two areas.

> rsync with ssh, I executed
> rsync --verbose --progress --recursive -rsh=/usr/bin/ssh --delete
> 123.123.123:test/ /home/test2
> but it said
> receiving file list ...
> link_stat /test : No such file or directory

When you use SSH, the path on the remote host is interpreted relative to
the home directory of the user as whom you are SSH-ing into the host.
It looks like the remote user has a home directory of / .

> And it seems the remote host does not need rsync to be
> run in daemon and  rsync with ssh, I can put any path of remotehost
> Am I right ?

Yes!  This is the awesome thing about rsync!  It dovetails with ssh to
provide a powerful, efficient, Internet-transparent copy command.
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